In Motion, 2022

white stoneware, glaze, plaster, foam, wood, tulle, dried plants

Dimensions variable

Senior Thesis

In Motion embraces qualities of gracefulness and precision which can be seen as my interpretation of ballet in a sculptural medium. 

I often think of dancing as a way of drawing in space. These forms are inspired by shapes and pathways our body moves through. Similarly, when ceramic vessels are placed on a table, we notice how these objects interact with one another. As we pour a teapot, cradle a cup, or tip over a vase, the vessels appear to be dancing. The arrangement of these vessels forces one to see beyond functional objects sitting on a table. Placing these objects in different orientations draws attention to relationships in form rather than utilitarian function.

In Motion exhibited in the Perlman Teaching Museum at Carleton College.

place setting project

This place setting was made for an imaginary afternoon tea with Isamu Noguchi. Inspired by many of Noguchi’s well-known works, this meal setting demonstrates his versatility as an artist. 


Throughout the meal, we might discuss his thought process behind bringing these works to life. How does Noguchi view the interplay between art, design, functionality, and scale?

Place Setting for a Meal with Isamu Noguchi, 2023

stoneware, glaze

Wood fire